Award winning washable SturdiBagTM is uniquely constructed with top quality, durable materials and is the lightest weight professional grade carrier on the market.

And now the SturdiBag PRO 2.0 has new features to make it even easier to take your pet with you.

Available in 5 sizes and 2 divided models, SturdiBag is offered in a multitude of solid colors and Limited Edition Prints.

Suitable for cats and dogs and all kinds of other pets. The SturdiBag PRO 2.0 comes in 6 different sizes/variants suited to your and your pets needs.

Easily remove horizontal rods from the outside of the carrier so you can quickly collapse the carrier for storage and washing. Ideal for travelling when you need flexibility.

Easy to remove Arched rods. Fastened with VELCRO®. Now remove and replace the arched rods without effort.  

Protect and secure your pet for extra safety with the Locking Zipper. The zipper can be secured with new Zipper Clip. No pets escaping anymore at times we need them near us.


EZ Assembly instructions:

Remove the carrier and parts from the packaging, including the foam baseboard, 2 roof rods, floor pad and tether. The 3 rods that create the arched curves of the SturdiBag are already inserted and the shoulder strap and zipper safety clips are attached.

  1. Zip open the base pocket and insert baseboard. Zip pocket closed.
  2. Insert both roof rods by opening the tabs on the top front of the carrier and inserting one then the other. Make sure the rod is seated all the way to the end of the guide before securing in place by closing the tab.
  3. Open carrier door and place pad inside lining up hook and loop to keep the pad in place. If you have a divided carrier open the other end and place the 2nd pad inside.
  4. Attach tether(s) to the D ring inside the entry door(s) to your right.
  5. When not retracting mesh door and flap, place hook under the pad for the comfort of your pet.

Care and cleaning

To machine wash, use a non-bleach detergent and line dry. The pad can be machine dried in a machine on low heat. To extend the life of your SturdiBag, always store it clean and dry.

Before washing

Remove all parts including the baseboard, arched and roof rods, zipper safety clips, zipper pulls, tether, shoulder strap and pad (wash pad separately).
Turn inside out and shake out loose soil and hair or use a vacuum with a brush to prevent damage to the water-resistant urethane interior coating.
Machine wash with carrier inside facing out.

Reassembly after cleaning

After washing reassemble carrier by following the assembly steps above plus reinsert the arched rods as a final step. Open tabs near the base of the carrier. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ATTACHMENT LOOP IS THE BEGINNING OF THE GUIDE.

Insert rods and push them over the arch. Gather fabric if needed and push through. Make sure arch rods are seated all the way into the end of the guide.

Warranty Information
All Sturdi Products® purchased directly from manufacturer are warranted against manufacturer defect for 24 months from purchase date. Our warranty applies when the product is used for the purpose intended, under normal conditions, and does not apply to damages caused by your pet(s), typical wear and tear over time, unreasonable use, accidents, or neglect. If there is a warranty issue regarding your product, requesting an upgrade, or pet damage repair of your pet carrier, please call us at our toll free number 1-800-779-8193 or email