Customer Testimonials

Linda M.

Bought double Car-Go cat carrier 2/2014. Recently used it to transport our cat to and from Florida. On the way back, we were involved in a horrible roll-over accident that destroyed the car but fortunately the 2 of us and the dog and cat pretty much came out OK. I know having Spunky in her cat carrier saved her life.

Title: Love my incognito!


Wonderful bag! Handy pockets and comfy room for your kitty.
Just flew 10 hours with the bag and kitty NOBODY even knew he was in cabin.

Title: Show Cats and Queens Love IT

NY Divine Dolls

I have both the triple and double show shelters. I use the triple for my nursing queens and the hammocks permit them a break from the babies. At the show, my kitties love to lounge in the hammock and watch people go by. It permits more space for food and litter. The covers are recommended and come in many attractive patterns.

Title: Whaaaaaat??? I'm the first to review this awesome bag??


Bought a sturdy travel bag for Basile my chihuahua, a year and a half ago.
Basile traveled with me with five different airlines, went to Miami, Paris, LA, SF, and many more.
He lives it! He always has access to it, so he uses it as his home.
Anytime we go out we take the bag so Basile can have a peaceful break.
The quality is amazing! Washed the pad 20 times and is in perfect condition, the outside of the bag, the handles, everything is as good as new. I am buying a bigger size for Christmas so Basile can have more room when he sleeps. We will use it as a home for him and will continue to use the smaller one for travel.
I just live to see Basile getting super excited and jumped right in the bag anytime I take it and put it at the entrance of my home, Basile knows he is going in an adventure and is super happy!
You can buy this product without a doubt!!

Title: The best bag on earth


My cats have flown in comfort and security all over the country. No one knows there is a cat on the plane. When I carry them in this bag, they are snuggled next to me, increasing their confidence. I have never had an issue with my Incognito bags. My Show record in CFA is partially attributable to this bag!

Title: Travel Cat Mansion


This product is amazing. If you travel with your pet this would be a great investment. I have researched many other travel carriers, and none have measured up. My cat feels protected and comfortable. With so much extra space for the travel litter box, food and water bowls and toys I believe you can't go wrong with Sturdi Products. I recommend this for everyone with pets who like to take their pets with them on the road!

Keith Croce

Purchased a show carrier from you back in Nov 2006 your products are worth every cent. Wonderful merchandise. Will be purchasing another show carrier from you soon once we get our Maine Coon.

Denise Hammer

This is my third sturdy cage and I have bought two sturdy carriers. They are excellent and your service and support cannot be beaten.

Sandra Johnson

"My toy poodle, Peanuts, LOVES her Deluxe SturdiBag carrier! She even curls up in it at home, which makes her transition from home to travel even easier! "


"I bought one of your carriers at a cat show years ago and love it. I think it's the best out there, and so much lighter!"