Title: excellent product! (Sturdi Incognito Pet Carrier)
Rating: 5 stars
Author: Maria (Santine@gmail.com)

I often fly and this bag is great! My big cat has plenty of space, and as noone assumes there is a cat inside, he doesn't attract any unwanted attention. His papers & mine fit into the side compartments and thanks to the strap on the side, I can even secure the bag on my trolley. The bag also truly lives up to its name - the mesh at the window kept my tomcat at bay during his very first flight when he was a bit feisty. I can only highly recommend this product!!


You are amazing! It is unfortunately and increasingly rare to find such great product and such great service. Thank you for your help. I will continue to recommend your pet carriers to my family and friends.

Linda M.

Bought double Car-Go cat carrier 2/2014. Recently used it to transport our cat to and from Florida. On the way back, we were involved in a horrible roll over accident that destroyed the car but fortunately the 2 of us and the dog and cat pretty much came out OK. I know having Spunky in her cat carrier saved her life.

Title: Love my incognito!

Rating: 5 stars
Author: Anita Henrikson (permarex@yahoo.com)

Wonderful bag! Handy pockets and comfy room for your kitty.
Just flew 10 hours with the bag and kitty NOBADY even knew he was in cabin.

Debbie S.

I have a question. I am always so amazed by the efficiency of Sturdi. How is it I order stuff and a few minutes later I get an email that it has shipped and then it arrives the next day!! That is crazy. Now if every company was that good it would be amazing ;) keep up the good work!

Title: Show Cats and Queens Love IT

Rating: 5 stars
Author: NY DIVINE Dolls (divinedolls2010@hotmail.com)

I have both the triple and double show shelters. I use the triple for my nursing queens and the hammocks permit them a break from the babies. At the show, my kitties love to lounge in the hammock and watch people go by. It permits more space for food and litter. The covers are recommended and come in many attractive patterns.

Kathy V.

Y'all have the best customer service, and I so appreciate your Sturdi...I send everyone to Sturdiproducts.com. :)

Happy New Year!

Title: Whaaaaaat??? I'm the first to review this awesome bag??
Rating: 5 stars
Author: Basile (tangiparis@gmail.com)

Bought a sturdy travel bag for Basile my chihuahua, a year and a half ago.
Basile traveled with me with ffive different airlines, went to Miami, paris, LA, SFand many more.
He lives it! He always have access to it so he uses it as his home.
Anytime we go out we take the bag so Basile can have a peaceful break.
The quality is amazing! Washed the pad 20times and is in perfect condition, the outside of the bag, the handles, everything is as good as new. I am buying a bigger size for Christmas so Basile can have more room when he sleeps. We will use it as a home for him and will continue to use the smaller one for travel.
I just live to see Basile getting super excited and jumped right in the bag anytime i take it and put it at the entrance of my home, Basile knows he is going in an adventure and is super happy!
You can buy this product without a doubt!!

Title: Great for name badge and travel!!!
Rating: 5 stars
Author: Linda

I can now carry my luggage through an airport line and have my ID and passport conveniently handy around my neck. This nifty little wallet is also good for the times when I don’t want to carry a purse—it holds my keys, driver’s license, and cash. Oh, and it makes the best nametag ever for identifying myself at shows and other events. Love it! Wish I had had one years ago.

Title: Perfect for long car travel
Rating: 5 stars
Author: Chaya

I had one of these for so long, I don't remember when I first got it. I used it for long car trips for two, then one, full grown cats. The two rooms are perfect for long trips because I used the second room for the litter box, so I could drive and not have to worry about what they wanted to do. One room was plenty big enough for the two cats to ride comfortably.

The room divider zips, so I opened it enough for them to walk through but still enough to be separate as to not insult their delicate sensibilities. Most of the time they used the litter box too - we all know about the presents we get when their routine is upset. I gave it away when the second cat died, and now will be buying another for when a new cat comes. Also when you are staying in a hotel, there's plenty of room for them to hang out in when you leave the room.

Some cautions: I got white because I drive in areas with losts of direct sunlight. White shows EVERY mark. Also, ignore the accessor ies. The vinyl liner is too stiff to handle easily and didn't wash well. You'd be better off with a cheap camping tarp. Also the cute little boxes do not work for water or food - they are too shallow to be useful, everything spills. You will also need padding, or a cat bed. A regular cat bed has more padding and was more useful even if it wasn't made to fit. 

Title: The best bag on earth
Rating: 5 stars
Author: Teddy

My cats have flown in comfort and security all over the country. No one knows there is a cat on the plane. When I carry them in this bag, they are snuggled next to me, increasing their confidence. I have never had an issue with my Incognito bags. My Show record in CFA is partially attributable to this bag!

Title: Great Walking Vest
Rating: 5 stars
Author: Sandra

This is a wonderful way to take Tillie outside. She's comfortable and can't slip her way out of it. She has the hot pink and it really looks good. She's happy to walk around and smell the flowers and get into the dirt. After only being able to look longingly out the window she's now able to enjoy it. The customer service was fabulous, I'm in Australia and it only took a couple of emails and the little vest was here. Cost of the vest and the postage was very reasonable.


"Thank you for sending out the replacement rod (and an extra one) so expeditiously. Great customer service! You are awesome people and an wonderful company!"

Title: Travel Cat Mansion
Rating: 5 stars
Author: Leah

This product is amazing. If you travel with your pet this would be a great investment. I have researched many other travel carriers and none have measured up. My cat feels protected and comfortable. With so such extra space for the travel litter box, food and water bowls and toys I believe you can't go wrong with Sturdi Products. I recommend this for everyone with pets who like to take their pets with them on the road!

Charlotte, for Diesel and Metzler 

"Thank you so much for your incredibly fast service. This was a  last minute purchase for a residential move and I wanted to make sure my cats had time to get used to it and explore before our interstate journey. My sister had recommended the Car-Go Double for travel. Her cat always goes on vacation with her, so she uses it frequently and highly recommends it. Thanks for a great product and service."

I called about a week or so ago to ask about carrier sizes [for my wire Fox Terrier Truman] I read a bunch of reviews about bags in-cabin and decided to buy both the L and XL to make sure I wouldn't have an issue. We were able to carry the XL on board an Alaska flight, and the bag fit easily under the seat in First Class. They told me that they do not measure the bags, and as long as it could collapse enough to fit without crushing the pet they were fine with it. The XL worked out perfectly, and we will gift the L to someone with a smaller dog.

Aunt Mar

Thank you for creating an amazing pet carrier :)

And thank you, Southwest, for allowing us to bring a pet carrier with us, in cabin :)

Our two new kittens were very happy to settle back into their large sturdibag after making our way thru airport security yesterday. We flew on Southwest Airlines and the large bag fit perfectly under the seat in front of me. Southwest's website says there's max of 8 or 9 inches height and I'm not sure why because it's more than that :) I chose a window seat and was able to slip the bag into the row and under the window seat in front me with no worries. So for anyone who's flying on Southwest, the large studibag fits just fine under the seat in front of you.

As our kittens grow this coming year we will likely need to buy another carrier, as we expect our male cat to be a pretty good size when mature & so they may not be able to share this bag someday - but right now they love it! They are both cuddled up together, sound asleep.

Thanks for the awesome product!

Alex Marinets

We take our dogs everywhere. Big White cabin - with 2 little dogs - they love snow, they love romping around, and when we ski - we put them in the crates so they do not mess up the nice house we are allowed to rent. Dogs are part of the family. We also travel a lot with cats to cat shows - Sturdi carriers, cages etc are such help!

Dr. Renee Gray, Lake Stevens Animal Hospital

Thank you for the amazing customer service I just received from your company. I ordered two replacement support rods for some Sturdibags and was pleasantly surprised to be informed that they are being shipped out to me-no charge! As a small business owner myself, it is important that I do business with companies that take care of me and my clients. Thank you, Sturdi Products, for doing just that.

Briarcrest Cavaliers

I, too, swear by the size large Sturdi-Bag as I can always manage to get it under the seat in front of me, regardless of the aircraft. I  also prefer the shoulder strap on the Sturdi-Bag as it doesn't dig into me the way the Sherpa's did.  I find the quality of the bag to be excellent and the company's customer service to be outstanding. Last but not least the Sturdi-Bags come in a vast array of colors and limited edition prints to suit your individual preference.  I have Sturdi's in purple and the Cheetah print :-)


Almost a year has gone by and I wanted to let you know that the triple has now helped/is helping three other surgery patients back to health. Iloaned the tent to two others that had similar surgeries for their cats and it is currently housing one of my barn rescues that was attacked by a coyote and we ended up having to amputate her right hind leg. The tent is sogreat because it gives them just enough room to move around a little and plenty of space for the litter box and bed areas not to be crowded together.The soft sides also make a wonderful little "padded room" so they don't hurt themselves as they are learning to use the leg again. I don't know what we would have done without it. Thank you again for sucha wonderful product and all your help in getting it to us. Purrs and Headbutts from the kitties.

Traci in Kirkland

First, let me gush a little bit about how much we love your product. We own the purple Sturdibag large; for our 10 lb Chihuahua/Jack Russell. Her name is Gladus and she loves her bag! plain rides, road trips, Pike Place market, inside shopping cartsThere is just a small list of how we have used this great bag! Gladus hates her crate, but she'll nap inside her Sturdibag. When we get ready to go, she runs inside her Sturdibag, as to say I'm coming! Don't forget me! We belt the bag in the back seat and she's a happy camper. Lately, we have been giving her the choice, her Sturdibag or her own seatbelt system. *Grin,* she goes in and out of her bag during the car ride. We drove across country from NC home to WA, and the Sturdibag was brilliant! I belted in either side of the bag, so Gladus could face forward in the back seat. Thank you so much! I cannot say enough.

Brigid Rynne

Just thought I'd let you know that I received the Car-Go Sturdishelter and Pet Carrier yesterday via our friend Doug Kenyon in Owosso. We are delighted with them. Really good quality. The surprising thing was that our cats seemed to take to them right away, even helping us to unpack them from the box! I took a few cute pictures as we put the shelter and carrier together. Couldn't resist giving your company a plug on our blog: http://rynne.co.uk/2008/06/14/june-14th-were-all-going-on-a-summer-holiday/ . (I get around 100 hits a day: friends, family and the googlebot!) Very many thanks.

TJ Halsey

Do you sell replacement poles/wires? My mother said she lost one when she moved recently. (She has a divided cat carrier - large, I think.) I haven't found them yet on your web site. Btw, I loved my small cat carrier (I had the older canvas style with cedar plank base) and my cat LOVED it. I left it open as another cat bed at home and she was very comfortable when traveling - by car, plane, train, or ferry! I could take her anywhere and she was comfortable as long as she had her Sturdi-Bag carrier. When she passed last year, I passed the bag onto a friend who is still using it. It wears like iron!

Carol R. Jordan

On behalf of Gopher State Cat Club, a very big thank you for your generous donation of a sturditent. I used my "brand new" Sturditent pet carrier yesterday carrying two cats and it worked very well to have both in the same carrier yet separated. Your products are the ultimate in design and quality and I know the tent will be the highlight of our raffle. Thank you again.


I received the package today, I love the construction of your Sturdibag carrier and my dog,Roxy, of course, fits in it very well. It is sturdy (as per its' name) and yet has plenty of ventilation and window views for her comfort. I love the zipper opening on the roof so that while we are waiting in the airport, she can sit up and poke her head out. I will be taking Roxy to the airport for the big test within the next few weeks. I am feeling more confident that she will pass. Thanks again. - Judy Read what SturdiProducts users have to say on WOOF! A BOSTON TERRIER BOARD http://www.woofboard.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-56307.html (opens a new browser window)

Diana Wilder

It's great to have now. My cats are 'test driving' it - serves me right for opening it out and looking it over! That was fast - thanks!

Sharon Lyman

Our shelter arrived yesterday, right on time! It is very nice and we just love it! Thanks again for all your help!

Kathy Stevens

Please send USPS ground, since I have a PO Box and cannot take UPS deliveries. (I called your company today and was told this was okay). Thanks. By the way, I love your products. I bought one of the cargo cages a couple of months ago, and it's so easy to put up and take down, as well as being so light and easy to carry.

Sandy Adams

I ordered a few cages from you about a year ago...need another one. I will be calling sometime on Monday or Tuesday to complete the order. The cages we have are great!

Keith Croce

Purchased a show carrier from you back in Nov 2006 your products are worth every cent. Wonderful merchandise. Will be purchasing another show carrier from you soon once we get our Maine Coon.

Denise Hammer

This is my third sturdy cage and I have bought two sturdy carriers. They are excellent and your service and support cannot be beaten.

Debbie Kraft

My cat Joshua is going in for radioiodine treatment for hyperthyroidism soon, and I felt he needed a new carrier that wouldn't collapse on top of his head like his old Sherpa carrier. The extra large Sturdi-Bag should give him plenty of space for his big, rangy 16 lbs, and for the first time, he'll have "head room." I'm so glad to have found your company, and you're right in my "back yard" in Washington! Big purr!

Bill and Kathy Davis

Hello We wanted to let you know how pleased we were with your product (SturdiBag).The construction and functionality were exactly what you claimed. What also impressed us was the excellent customer service in helping us to decide on the right bag for our companion.Thanks for your help. Our cat has never flown before, and we were hoping to make it as comfortable as possible considering the airline regulations. She seemed very comfortable, and the trip was great. We were so impressed with your company that we would like to recommend you to our customers. Does SturdiProducts, Inc. have wholesale pricing or an affiliate program we could apply for? Sincerely, Bill and Kathy Davis National Field Reps 877-512-7677 Helping Pets Live Into Their 20's http://www.20SomethingPets.com

Randi Gallant Owner/Designer

Hi- Got the large Sturdi-Bag carrier for Effie, our 9lb Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix. I fly a lot, and Effie comes with me. I researched carriers and thankfully found yours. I cannot say enough wonderful things about it. For car travel it's great, and for plane travel it's even better. I fly Jet Blue most of the time, and their seats are particularly low, at about 8 1/2 - 9inches. The construction of the bag conforms beautifully under even the meanest seat without collapsing or crushing Effie herself. I have had more than one flight attendant say "that bag won't fit", and when I show them the unique way the Sturdi-Bag morphs to fit, the are amazed. On our most recent flight, the flight attendant said "What a great bag....I wish everyone had these, it would make it so much easier". So thanks so much for making Effie's well traveled life so comfortable, and mine so much better since I can take her with me..... Best, -Kristina B. As a fellow retailer, I must say I am extremely impressed by your high level of customer service and fabulous product! While searching for a travel bag for my Boston Terrier Zoe I was referred to your website by a fellow BT owner, Lisa. I was amazed at the wide selection and such versatile style of your products, not to mention the wide arrange of cute colors to choose from! I am planning a trip to Toronto to attend a huge K9 event with some fellow BTCanadaRescue friends and your product has made it possible for Zoe to travel with me because of it's lightweight style. The Pink is so adorable! Your staff is nothing but helpful and friendly. I will certainly be referring every travelling pet to your site! Thank you! www.zoescollection.com



Lisa Horel (lulu and phoebe too)

We made it home and so did the bags. They are fabulous. Lulu and Phoebe got so comfy that they preferred being in them for napping too! They are wearing very well, and hardly look like they have been to Paris and back, with the exception of the mesh on the zippered door. They scratched the mesh on the door window and have managed to snag it in spots, and some of the coating is gone, and in one spot it looks like Phoebe managed to get through it. They did this mostly when we were getting them out of the bags one at a time - the other would scratch (like a Boston does....). It actually didn't take long for that to happen. It occurred early on in the trip, but they have held up so far, but I would worry about another long trip. Any remedies/suggestions for this? Thanks so much.

Lisa Horel

Just thought you might want to know that Lulu and Phoebe did really well in their Sturdibags all the way to Paris. If you want to see some pictures of their journey (and some with the bags) here is the link to a blog I created for them. Many people asked about the bags and carefully wrote down the name! And I hope you have had some purchases from other BT owners who saw the pictures posted on the Boston Terrier website: Woofboard. It had over a thousand views by users. Also, I am glad I got the pink bags (great color by the way). We realized that it made the inside seem roomier for the dogs because of the light color which helped Phoebe who does not like small spaces. Didn't even think of that before. Here is the link: http://luluphoebeinparis.blogspot.com/ Enjoy.

Lisa Horel

Thought you might be amused by these photos. Practicing for our big trip to Paris which is coming up soon. Posted the photos on the WOOF BT board, and I do believe a couple of folks have placed orders....everyone loves the bags. BTW, they are terrific, better than we thought. Will let you know after the big trip, but so far, so good. Enjoy.

A. O.

AWESOME products! Saw many of your shelters at the Family Pet Expo in Costa Mesa, CA yesterday. Simply MUST have for my kitty who will now be able to camp in our travel trailer in style.

Wendy Huppe www.purriwinkle.ca

Hello, I received my show cage and goodies at the beginning of the week. I am so pleased with them. The construction and colors are great. Thank you for all your help in putting together a very nice display for my cattery.

Christa Alter

My husband & I travel for a living. We recently purchased the large Sturdibag for our Scottish Terrier, Phil. He is a great little traveler, and did very well on his first flight in his new bag. I was concerned that the bag might not fit under the seat, but we were just fine. (would have been tight in the window seat, but a perfect fit on the aisle!) I would be very interested in a back pack version of this bag. Any plans to expand your line? Overall, we are extremely happy with this bag. Our puppy is 6 months old, and quickly outgrew the purse style bag we were using before finding your line.

Elizabeth Malig

Just want to say how great your products are! This is the 4th item I purchased....we got a small carrier, a big carrier, a tent and now the sturdi shelter. The carriers are amazing and they were so well made! The tent is serving as a play area for our doggies....we have it up for 3 years now and not a tear! I'm sure the sturdi shelter will be a great alternative to crates!

Julianne M. New Jersey

I ordered my first SturdiBag back in 1999 and purchased my second in 2000. I was even quoted as a satisfied customer on your old web site, "Since I will be getting a second cat, I want them both to travel in Sturdi Style". I have since given that original away to my breeder. Now that I've seen your latest bag I must get a new one for my cat. The second carrier is going to a dear friend. It's unbelievable that Sturdi has gotten so big. I remember going to cat shows and seeing only wire cages. Now it seems everyone is on the Sturdi bandwagon! I have to admit it; I wish I showed so I could have one of your show tents. Best of luck for continued success!

Raelyn VanCasteren

We own 2 of the shelters, the show and car shelters and 3 large carriers for our 3 Exotics and love them. Do you or are you working on one for patios or decks? Would like to see something a little bigger than the show shelter maybe a larger (longer version) of the show shelter. Our boys like the outdoors but we keep them convined, have looked at others but they aren't the quality of the Sturdi products. Just need to have something a little bigger. We are moving into a patio home and would like to give the boys a little more room to roam.. Thanks so much! Love your product!!!!

Patricia Peters

Just wanted to let you know that my cat Rony LOVES his new show crate. :) He is an American Bobtail so the "American Star" works great with him. Thank you for producing such an amazing product! ACFA Breed Chair TICA Breed Group Member CFA Breed Council www.AttitudeAcres.com "Everybody needs an Attitude"

Christine Mapes & Chelsea & Chandler

Dear Sturdiproducts, I just want to tell you how happy we are with your petpaks. I have had them for 3 years now. My 2 toy poodles just love to be inside of them. When ever I take out the petpaks, my dogs literally come running to see who can get inside first. They know that they get to go somewhere with Mommy carrying them. I often just put on the petpak at home to give myself a break from holding a dog when working around the house. I have also worn it while playing cards with friends to have hands free to play the game. My dogs love to be held & the petpak has made my life a lot easier whether at home or away from the house. Do you think you will ever make a petpak to carry two small dogs? I have actually put both my dogs inside of one, it was a tight fit; but they were too tired to care. They both just wanted inside the petpak, so I let both of them share it. My dogs names are Chelsea & Chandler. I sent a picture along so you can see what I am talking about. Have a good day!


I tried the largest Sherpa bag when my dog was about 22 lbs (he is now 25 lbs). The bag was a really tight fit (he was really uncomfortable). Then I found a company which makes a bag called SturdiBag. My dog fits comfortably in their large bag (approved for airline use) and I also got an x-large bag (he has lots of extra room) for non-airline use. I would suggest a SturdiBag instead of a Sherpa bag.


Sturdi has popup tents with clear fronts--I have one. On the East Coast, we have found that turning the cages sideways makes them fit better on our tables. Sturdi also has lots of color options; I'm sure your local dealer could order something if you didn't like the available colors. These tents are SO easy, and they give you a little grooming space if you get a double cage space (on the East Coast, at least).

Nancey Abbott California

I like Sturdi Tents better because you can take the rods out, throw the tents in the washer, after being used by a stinky whole male, and they come out fresh as the breeze , BUT DO NOT PUT IN A DRYER, put the rods back in, they air dry in no time, and off you go. ....and YES the rod probelm has long been solved. If you have a tent with the old rods that break, just call them them, and they will be on your door step in days. The number is 800-779-8193. They replaced my broken rods instantly. I have also stuffed those Sturdi Tent bags FULL and checked those and the newer bags are moe like luggage material and hopefully more airline proof, if ANYTHING is airline proof. You are behind times sweetie...Sturdi tents have straps that even an ABY cannot move those tents!!! Trust me I KNOW . Maybe you did not know how to use the straps? After a Maine Coon Breeder showed me how to install them, my Abys cannot move those tents a fraction of an inch off ANY table, and they are easy to do, the key is in knowing how.

Jan Petersen

I love your product and use it for my Shelties. Do you have plans to make a larger show shelter? Possibly triple length (24 x 63) or wider (30 x 30 x 42), I use the shelter, rather than taking a heavy exercise pen to the show. Also will the extra large pet carrier be offered as a pop-up, rather than inserting the rods? Thank you.


Sheila Armel
Hi, My name is Sheila Armel and I am planning on opening a store in the Richmond, VA area. Do you sell your products wholesale? If so, I would love to receive information on carrying and selling your products (I love them).Thank you.

Robin Pulaski PlatinumPurr Cattery
I had to write to you. I just put together my new hot pink SturdiBag carrier....I LOVE IT!!! You ROCK! The improvements that have been made from the first SturdiBag I bought years ago and amazing. It even feels stronger and better put together. My old carrier always had problems with the horizontal supports poking through and over the years I have just patched it over and over again. The new design it so much better. Now that I have said that...here's one improvement I would suggest. why not put a small pocket with a clear front for a business card or some sort of identification. That would make it complete. But besides that little option...I think it has to be the best product I have ever seen. Keep up the great work! ...again I LOVE IT!!! Many thanks!!

I just wanted to drop you a note to say "Thank You"... I got my Sturdi-bag back from dropping it off with you at the CFA Intl. and it almost looks like a new bag. It has a new hard bottom and you even sent a new pad... Thanks so very much... Your customer service is great, I have always liked your product. I have and will continue to recommend your products.

Isabel Pomphrey Cat Behaviorist Animal Communicator

Hello: Last weekend I was at a CFA cat show with my Abby, Reggie. Reggie was going to perform on stage while I gave my talk. He rubbed up against the bars on the show cage and injured his eye. He was bleeding profusely. He was rushed to the vet where he was put under anensthesia and given eight stiches. If I would of had your wonderful product I could of saved my cat the horrible pain and discomfort. After this incident I was introduced to your product. What a wonderful idea. The show tent does not need those ancient fiberglass poles that hurt your hands. It pops up with one flick of the wrist. The mesh is study yet pliable so your cat cannot get hurt or open it if he has nimble paws. The Snap Pad is wonderful for shy cats and the hamocks give the cat a sense of security and comfort. The table skirt is a God send. I can keep brushes, meds, nail clippers and my show catalog! Wire cages can be very dangerous and since they are used for many shows you don't know if there is disease or cat spray which can really traumatize a cat in the show hall. Everything comes together and it's easy to carry. No more show curtains for me! I thank you for a wonderful product which not only helps cats, but humans as well.

Susan Jo Siebecker Cattails Cornish Rex

I received my wonderful WHITE with black trim pop-up double showshelter last week just in time to go to the ACFA show in Farmington MN. WOW what a hit, everyone wants one!!. My Cornish rex loved it and they could actually be seen, unlike all the dark colors. It was a success. Many people wrote down your website which I had noticed was on the label, so I shared it with anyone interested and is a very good idea!! I hope you get lots of orders and I am going to save up for another soon.

Davis Miracle

"I just purchased your Sturdibag for my "indoor only" cat yesterday. Although I was kinda put off by the price, I'm now convinced it's worth every penny - and then some. Wow, what a great product! Even the vet thought it was a good idea. I think the carrier actually reduced the stress on my cat's trip to the vet (normally she goes kicking and crying.) This time, just a few "meows" to let me know who's the boss. (Incindentally, I actually made the decision to buy your products on the basis of what I would rather travel in. To me, the SturdiBag seems more like fun adventure in a NorthFace tent; a rather stark contrast to my old carrier which in comparison seems more like being trapped in the cargo-hold of the container ship. Anyway, the cats like it and that's all that really matters."

Kathleen Truax Sin-Sation Siamese & Oriental Shorthair

"I recently purchased your Sturdi-Bag Pet Carrier from a vendor at one of the cat shows we were doing. Could you please e-mail me with washing instructions. I was told that it could even be put in the washing machine but would not want to do this without knowing for sure. I love this carrier already as do my cats and plan on purchasing a few more for traveling to the shows, going to the vet, etc.. Thank You."


"Thanks very much for your very prompt reply. There is no problem, just wanted to make sure it was here by the show this summer. I love them, they are so portable and cool for the animals."

Jennifer E Moore

"I Purchased a carrier at BARK store in Seattle - love it! Perfect for air travel with my pug, Olive "

Lisa Schroeder

"Our deluxe SturdiBag arrived yesterday (fast - only three business days from ordering) and it only took a five minutes to put together. Our two chihuahuas had to immediately try it out. This is the best dog carrier I have ever owned. It is absolutely wonderful how it does not cave in our babies heads. The deluxe is the most ingenious carrier I have ever seen - and talk about convenient - both dogs have their own space - yet I only have to carry one bag - awesome ! Thanks so much for selling such a superior product !"

A. Solomon

"SturdiBag has got to be, not one of the best pet containment products...but The Best pet containment products on the market. I own a carrier and show shelter. The show shelter with the divider is used for my Silky and Yorkie as their own little hide-aways and permanant sleeping quarters. The divider allows each dog to have their own 'space'. We do quite a bit of overnight traveling, and we bring the showshelter with us so our kids always have their "home away from home", which helps to lower their stress level too. Not only are they lightweight and attractive, but they are very well made too. Sturdi Products are well worth the price! Thank you".

Sandra Johnson

"My toy poodle, Peanuts, LOVES her Deluxe SturdiBag carrier! She even curls up in it at home, which makes her transition from home to travel even easier! "


"I just wanted to let you know how fabulous your bags are. I had flown once before with my dog and put him in cargo as he just is a bit big for under the seat, 20lbs about 18 inches long. Well it was a disaster, Continental left him on the tarmac for an hour in the freezing rain as I was losing my mind since no personnel seemed to understand it was urgent to find him. Anyway this time I bought your largest bag and flew with him on American. He fits nicely under the seat and since the plane was empty I was allowed to bring him up and out to sit with me. Although I knew he was paniking about the pressure on his ears, I was there to help him through it. I couldn't have done it with any other bag on the market. The doom top is the key. Icarry him everywhere in it now and have had many inquires at the dog park. Thank you so much for your concern about pets."

"I want to say that I LOVE your sturdi bags. I now own two. I have many cat carriers, but yours are the only carrier I use for traveling. They fit so nicely under the seat on airlines. I bought my first bag at the International Cat show 5 years ago and just recently ordered the second smaller bag. At my last cat show in Portland, I purchased a SHOW CAGE which, I believe, I will be very happy with also. I did not realize, until today from your flyer, that you carried a deluxe with a zipper down the middle. I am sorry now that I didn't visit your website before I made my purchase. I didn't see the deluxe cage at the show or I would have bought that one instead. You have made a wonderful product and I am a very satisfied customer."

Christine Nunemaker

"On Monday of this week, I ordered a green Sturdi Bag for my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Gwynne J. Monster Dog. It arrived here in Pacific Grove on Wednesday. It is fabulous! I took Gwynne on a roadtrip to San Jose today and she rode in comfort in the back seat, with her bag secured by the seat belt. The construction is fantastic (I know that I am not telling you anything that you don't already know)and it is much easier to carry than the other bag I previously used. Best of all, it doesn't collapse on Gwynne. Keep making this great product."

Dorothy Denniston

"Hi! I have just ordered a standard show shelter, and litter box. In addition, I ordered a show shelter pad. While I could view the shelter, and litterbox on the website, the show shelter pad had no picture or description. I took the risk that it must be the pad visible in the show shelter ad. Is this a lightweight, easy to wash/dry pad? I travel alot with my show cat, and always disinfect or wash items after every show! Actually, I have owned a SturdiBag carrier for several years. I can't imagine traveling by air with any other type carrier! It's so easy to carry on board, and place under the seat. Not once have I ever been asked if it is "airline approved". Airport personnel seem to be aware that it is top quality:) I look forward to receiving my new Show Shelter, litter box, and showshelter pad. I know it will be equal to the quality I've enjoyed with my Sturdibag carrier. Thank you!"

Sharon, Alabama

"Thank you for taking the time to talk to me and give your advise. I work in a retail store which does a lot of catalog orders and your level of customer service is the type we strive to give our customers when they call. I will recommend your product to all the military families I know who travel with their pets."


"I bought one of your carriers at a cat show years ago and love it. I think it's the best out there, and so much lighter!"

Nancy, Arizona
"I really appreciate your continued communication. It revives the "customer service" that has been lacking in many businesses for so long."

"I love my SturdiPetTent. It goes up in about 5 minutes and torn down about the same"


"We enjoy the SturdiBags (we have two others) very much. They are vastly superior to other cat carriers we have used."

Jason B. Saunders, Attorney at Law Seattle WA

"I spoke with someone at your office on Tuesday concerning my dog's SturdiBag zipper, which he chewed through. I tried to have the bag repaired at a local luggage company, but they were unable/unwilling to do so. The person at your office said you would be willing to fix the zipper for me. It is the front zipper of the bag that is gnarled and broken. I appreciate your time and efforts and have been very impressed by your customer service. This broken zipper is through no fault of you company at all, but it is quite unique and remarkable that a company would be willing to repair their product like your company has offered. I have recommended your bag to other dog owners I know and will continue to do so. SturdiBag is a great company!"

Angeline, Tucson Arizona

"I have several Sturdi Products including the ShowShelter and traveling LitterBoxes of which I find very well designed and worth the price I paid. I, as well as the other exhibitors do think that your bags have great qualities especially for air travel."


"I love this carrier already as do my cats and plan on purchasing a few more for traveling to the shows, going to the vets, etc..."

Gwen, San Francisco CA

"Dear wonderful folks at Sturdi Products. Yours is the best. I have researched this and you folks really thought this through. Thanks!"

Eldon McIntire Professional Animal Trainer

"Here are some pictures of chip chilling in his favorite place. As they say:"No place like home". Now home goes anywhere?"

Dennis & Crackers, Canada

"Thought you might like to see "Your tent in action." Crackers moved in to it immediately. Pack and all. It is perfect for us. Thanks for all your patience and help."

Marie, California

"I received my SturdiBag the other day, I got the largest size for my small dog, as an easy way to keep her crated comfortably at shows. I just LOVE this bag. It is so well constructed. I already have "other bags" and they pale in quality to the SturdiBag. I was looking for a bag that was larger than the "other bags" and that would not collapse. I wanted something my small dog could feel comfortable in all day long at the shows we attend and weekly practice matches. Yet I wanted a bag, not a crate, so that I can walk around crowded show sites with my dog inside the bag for her safety. This was the perfect answer! Thank you very much! I look forward to many years of shows with this wonderful Bag!!"


"I thought you would like to know that we, and more importantly our cat, really like the carrier. We hadn't had it assembled for 5 minutes before our cat was inside asleep. Keep putting out those good products."