Pop-Up Kennel Overview

How do you intend to use your Pop-Up Kennel?

SturdiProducts caters to Pet Professionals worldwide. With three Pop-Up Kennel sizes, in single, double and triple compartment models, the choices are sometimes confusing. The information below gives you a complete overview.

  • Car travel use: Small in single or double is your best choice for fitting rear seats and the back of SUVs. If you have a large SUV or are traveling with a motorhome, and you have larger pets, then medium or even large may work. Measure your vehicle to determine the best fit.
  • Home use: Choose the size and configuration that bast suits your pet size and the space you have. 
  • Emergency Pet Evacuation: Any size Pop-Up Kennel is a good choice.
  • Cat or Dog Exhibition use: Small and medium sizes in single, double or triple are most commonly used.
  • Large Breed Dog Exhibition use: Size large in single or double is most commonly used.