Whether it’s dogs, cats, fish, ferrets or any other animal that you love and live with, you should have a plan that would allow you to pack up and leave quickly in case of an emergency.  As a member of the family, your pet(s) will be included in your evacuation plan. 

You should have a way to transport your animals safely to your vehicle and once inside, to secure them within the car.

In the event you have to rely on traveling by foot, or need to bring other necessities a light-weight wheeled cart is recommended as part of your evacuation kit.  For small pets that need to be carried, a carrier with a shoulder strap or pet pack is essential.

A portable shelter can be used to secure your pet safely and may also have a calming effect on your pet in a stressful situation, especially if your pet has used the shelter in your home prior to the emergency.    

SturdiBag pet carriers and the portable SturdiShelter Pop Up line, will provide a solid foundation to your pet’s evacuation plan.

All Pop-Up Kennels come with a roomy pocketed carrying case that can accommodate other items that should be included in your pet’s evacuation kit such as:

  • Food in airtight bags/bottled water
  • Portable food and water dish
  • Foldable litter pan and litter
  • Micro-fiber quick dry towel
  • Shelter pad/hammocks
  • Toys
  • Medications
  • Copies of veterinary records including vaccine documentation 

The SturdiBag pet carrier is the lightest carrier available for in cabin airline travel.  It comes with a four-point padded shoulder strap and storage pockets. The large and extra large SturdiBag is also offered in a deluxe model with a center zippered divider for carrying two pets.

Putting your Pet Evacuation Kit together:

Your Family Evacuation plan should provide for your pet.  As we know, pets come in a multitude of species and sizes.  Please call us toll free 800-779-8193 or email to sales@sturdiproducts.com so we can assist with your specific evacuation kit needs.