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SturdiBox - 7 Gallon

SturdiBox - 7 Gallon

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Waterproof and built to last, the SturdiBox™ 7 Gallon is ideal for hundreds of tasks — both on the road and at home. Built out of high-quality, durable materials, the SturdiBox™ 7 Gallon is perfect for litter, home or garden organization, food/water containers and many other uses! Keep several in the car for food or activity boxes. Folds flat and snaps closed for packing! Small enough to fit in any backpack and most purses, there are 101 USES AND COUNTING...

Available in several convenient sizes. See them all here.

Dimensions: 7 Gallon capacity 12 1/2" L x  12 1/4" W x 12 1/4" D inches || 32 L x 32 W x 32 D cm


The original: foldable, washable, water-tight box 

  • Water or food box for pets
  • Foldable, portable and lightweight
  • Holds up to seven gallons of liquid

Can be used in all  Shelters  &  Pet Tents

Use our Foldable Boxes for All types of Organization and Storage in and out of the house:
  • Try them in the office
  • For children's art & school supplies
  • Make up and toiletries
  • In the bath & shower
  • Drawer Organizers
  • Contain fast food when in the car
  • Fill with ice to chill drinks
  • Portable sink for camping and backpacking 
Care & Cleaning: Hand wash or machine wash on regular cycle with non-chlorinated detergent. Air dry.

See all SturdiBox sizes here.

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