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SturdiBag™ Flex-height Pet Carrier Introduction

SturdiBag: Simply the best in-cabin, light weight, flex-height pet carrier available. The defining feature is the flex-height design that allows SturdiBag™ to compress to fit under airline seats for take off and landing. SturdiBag is available in several sizes and also divided double-compartment styles to carry two small pets in one carrier. SturdiBag comes in both solid colors and limited edition prints to satisfy every taste. Shop SturdiBag now!

Customer Reviews:

"Let me gush a little bit about how much we love your product. We own the purple SturdiBag large for our 10 lb Chihuahua/Jack Russell. Her name is Gladus and she loves her bag! Plane rides, road trips, Pike Place Market, inside shopping carts — just a small list of how we have used this great bag! Gladus hates her crate, but she'll nap inside her SturdiBag. When we get ready to go, she runs inside her Sturdibag, as to say "I'm coming! Don't forget me!" We belt the bag in the back seat and she's a happy camper.  We drove across country from NC home to WA, and the SturdiBag was brilliant!" read more reviews

View customer photos from around the globe of their furry friends and SturdiBag™! 




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