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Small Fleece Pad (Fits Car-Gos Only)

Small Fleece Pad (Fits Car-Gos Only)

  • $1800

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The Fleece Sturdi Comfort Pad for your Car-Go is the ultimate add-on for maximum comfort. Covered with soft fleece, this light weight Comfort Pad is filled with a cushy, convoluted or "egg-crate" style foam that provides air circulation and superior weight distribution for support, comfort and pressure relief. The Comfort Pad may be beneficial for aging pets and/or pets with arthritic or other orthopedic problems.
Recommended accessories:
  • Fits on the floor of one Car-Go compartment 
  • Use around the house in your pet’s favorite resting areas to protect furniture


18" L x 19" W x  1.5" D inches || 48.2 W x 45.7 L x 3.8 D cm

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