Pet Airline Travel

Traveling by airline with Fluffy is easy with a SturdiBag™ Pet Carrier. SturdiBag™ was designed with airline travel in mind for people who travel the most with their pets — breeders, trainers and exhibitors. Pet owners can take advantage of years of careful development by choosing SturdiBag™ for airline pet travel. Of course SturdiBag™ works great for road trips and trips to the vet too.

SturdiBag is the best in-cabin, light weight, flex-height pet carrier available. The defining feature is the flex-height design that allows SturdiBag™ to compress to fit under airline seats — as required — for take-off and landing. Shop SturdiBag Pet Carriers.

Note: Airline pet weight restrictions vary by carrier. Check with your airline before flying with your pet. SturdiBag™ small and large work best. Sizes XL and XXL are  typically too large for in-cabin use.