We love receiving photos from our customers showing their pets using Sturdi Products. And when we attend shows and industry events, we like to bring along our photographer to take photos. We are so grateful to all the wonderful pets and their people who allow us to take and use such fabulous photos. This page features a few of our models and a bit about them. Thank you!


Danny! He's a retired champion Oriental Shorthair ambassador cat with personality plus. Danny, along with his pet person Nancy, travels the globe. Thank you Danny and Nancy!

Elmo! We met Elmo  at the Family Pet Expo in Orange County, California. Elmo is an Exotic ambassador cat and champion. And he is a charmer for sure. Just look at those eyes! Thank you Elmo and Linda!

Phini! Phini is a Sphynx. He was so fun to meet and photograph. A real playful feline. Thank you Phini and Chris!

Bandit is a senior kitty who has the liveliness of a kitten. Thank you Bandit and his human Ann for letting us take over your house many times.

Ringo! This lucky corgi pup now live with Penny and Rich of SturdiProducts in Washington. He is well compensated for his star quality. 

 Nugget! Ringo's brother who lives nearby and is owned by Rich's brother. What a pair!